10 Skin Problems and How to Treat Them

One of the problems that diabetic patients face regularly is that there is very little information that is made available to them regarding the various symptoms of their disease. Usually doctors give precedence to symptoms which are more dangerous and require urgent care and attention, and the big pharmaceutical companies focus on one tiny treatment at a time to prolong the dependence of their patients on their expensive drugs so as to make the highest profits.
All these factors overshadow the other insignificant symptoms. But these minor problems add up over time, and can finally cause severe complications in the body. Diabetes not only causes Diabetic Retinopathy and Peripheral Neuropathy, but it is known for affecting the skin in the direst ways imaginable.
Here you will learn about the 10 skin problems caused by diabetes, and how you can treat them:
Vitiligo: This causes irregular light blotchy patches on the skin. Diabetes can kill cells in the skin that are responsible for creating melanin. Melanin is a pigment that makes the skin darker, and protects it from harmful UV radiation of the sun.
Fungal infection: People with diabetes often have candida albicans, which is a yeast-like infection. It can cause red rashes with blisters and scales. They usually grow in moist areas like between toes and in armpits.
Bacterial Infections: This is one of the most common problems that diabetic patients face. Bacterial skin problems like boils, carbuncles, nail infections and eyelid styes can cause skin swelling and even affect the deep tissue underneath.
Itching: Poor blood circulation, extremely dry and flaky skin, rashes and yeast infections can cause itching. Patients often break skin and draw blood because of continuous scratching, and this can increase the chance of bacterial infection even further.
Bullosis Diabeticorum: This is a case of diabetic blisters which often have a burnt look on them. They occur on fingers, feet, arms, toes and fingers. They usually heal over time and are painless, but they can cause insecurity in terms of appearances. They usually go away on their own when you start lowering your blood sugar level. Blood sugar level optimization is one of the key elements that this program focuses on to cure patients permanently.
Problems caused by Diabetic neuropathy: This is one of the major effects of diabetes. Usually skin problems like foot ulcers etc can be caused by the loss of sensation in the feet. When patients get wounded in the feet for some reason, they may not even feel the sensation. This gives time to the wound to fester and get infected. Investigate your feet every night when you go to bed and check for any sores or open wounds.
Xanthomatosis: This causes little pea like growths on the skin with red circles round their base. These red areas itch a lot, and these growths happen usually in the arms, buttocks, feet and hands.
Disseminated Granuloma Annulare: Here, patients experience the growth of skin coloured, ring shaped spots which may be bumpy and raised. They usually occur near ears and fingers, and sometimes at the back of the arms. They may cause itching as well.
Digital Sclerosis: About 1/3rd of all patients who are suffering from Type 1 diabetes have this skin disease. A very thick, tight and waxy layer of skin grows on the back of the hands and fingers, and the finger joints can stiffen as well. Some patients experience this waxy growth on their forehead and toes, and in extreme cases, this condition can cause elbows, ankles and knees to stiffen.
Acanthosis Nigricans: This is a situation that usually occurs in overweight patients of diabetes. The skin in creases and body folds become very dark, velvety and thick. Sometimes, this symptom may occur way before a patient is diagnosed with diabetes, so if you notice any appearance like this in your body, you should ask your doctor for a thorough checkup immediately.
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