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Department Structures

The following are the functional departments that lead the technical and support services of the Program:

  • Department of Administration and Human Resources responsible for the management of human resources, general administration, facilities and information technology.
  • Department of Finance & Grants management is responsible for the management of grants, budgets, procurement, treasury function and financial reporting and compliance with donor requirements.
  • Department of Clinical Sciences is responsible for the actual conduct of clinical trials with integrity and professionalism in compliance with ICH/GCP guidelines. The department provides continuous medical education, health care, HCT and family planning services to volunteers and communities where the Program conducts research. It is also at the center of writing abstracts and making presentations to conferences about the research we and publications.
  • Department of Laboratory & Basic Sciences conducts laboratory tests and assays that measure the safety of HIV vaccines in clinical trials specifically biochemistry, hematology, CD4/CD8 and HIV tests. It also conducts assays to measure the immunogenicity of HIV vaccines in clinical trials, specifically Elispot and intracellular cytokine assays. It is also a sample repository for multi-site studies and a reference lab under the CAVD.
  • Department of Community & Advocacy Services leads the advocacy and stakeholder engagement activities of the Program. The department engages the grassroots, national and global stakeholders through networking, partnerships, advocacy and communication in order to ensure a supportive environment for HIV prevention research. It also supports strengthened access to healthcare, HIV services and family planning through conduct of assessments and social/behavioral studies and through fostering partnerships and collaborations with appropriate service providers. It supports IAVI specific policy and advocacy initiatives and also leads the Program's social science agenda.