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Flow cytometer BD LSRII
This state of the art 18 color flow cytometer is used to measure T cell immune responses in HIV vaccine trials but is also a powerful basic science research tool. This instrument has been used to optimize panels that can be used in immunological testing of HIV vaccines. It has also been used by phD and post doctoral research students in their research. Collaborations with other research groups are being made to utilize this machine even more.
 Other equipment that is used are listed below;
Biological safety cabinets, Class II
Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Vitalab Selectra
CD4/CD8 counter, BD FACScount
Cryogenic freezers
Elisa plate washer and reader
Elispot plate reader, AID
Full blood count machine ACT5 diff CP
Fridges and Freezers (-200C & -800C)
Programmable water baths
Rate controlled freezer
Viable cell counter, Vicell XR, Water distiller